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Terms and Conditions

We would hereby like to set out some important terms and conditions contained herein. The parties concerned are:

  • Yourself, as the applicant,
  • Our client, who is the business / company whose vacancy you applied for
  • Kelly Sinclair Recruitment Partners (KSRP), the employment agency facilitating your application

  1. Role of KSRP (Employment Agency)

  • Although we strive to assist all our applicants to find suitable employment, it is important to understand that we are a business and provide a service to our clients, who are the companies and businesses that procure our specialized services. Our duty is first and foremost to our clients
  • Our role is to liaise with the client regarding their vacant position. Where required, we co-ordinate and facilitate background checks and assessments
  • Should your application be accepted by the client, we will notify you and arrange a face-to-face interview with the client accordingly. Note that we will indicate to the client what your salary requirement is (as confirmed with you)
  • Should your application be unsuccessful after the interview stage, we will inform you via email and keep your application on file for any suitable vacancies that may arise in future

  1. You confirm that you:

  • Have the necessary skills and experience to perform the job you have applied for
  • You are applying for this job in good
  • That you have no intention to unreasonably refuse a job offer made to you by the client if it is in line or more favourable with the remuneration, working hours communicated to you by the KSRP when you applied for this position
  • That you will refrain from other employment offers if you have already accepted an offer from the client and committed to a start date of employment with them.
  • You will take up employment on the agreed starting date if an offer is made to you.

  1. In case you accept an offer and are appointed in the position, you agree to:

  • Give your best to your new employer
  • Inform KSRP immediately if your new employer has made you liable for any part of the placement fee, because that is in contravention of our agreement with the client.

We wish you all the best in your application for this position and hope that we can count on you to continue to be honest and act with integrity during the rest of the process as well as if / when an offer of employment is made to you.

We will try our best to facilitate a smooth process to find a suitable candidate for our client but also to look out for your best interest as the applicant.

Should you wish to withdraw your application for this position please advise us immediately.