At KSRP we aim to assist you when you are looking to find your next life-changing career opportunity. Our hope is that you can see us as your trusted mentor or confidant, looking out for your best interests and future career.

What We Offer

We pride ourselves on our honesty and confidentiality. Due to the nature of our business, we make sure that your private information is only used to represent you as best as possible and will never leave our office without your say of approval.


When you apply for a position through us, we like to take the time to understand your past history such as, your full education, work experience and credentials as well as any additional skills you may have. We also like to understand your career aspirations and goals for the future.

Career management

Here we use our skills and expertise to improve your interviewing skills, CV design and grow your confidence in order to learn how to market yourself well. Through our wide-reaching networks and relationships, we will not only put you forward for your best suited position but also help you to attain that position.


Partnering with KSRP we invest in you and your career by making sure that every step of our process is tailored specifically to you and your future career. Our job is never complete until find you the best opportunities to achieve success and happiness in your future job and in the team that you join.


As your mentor or confidant, we always ensure that your skills and career aspirations are aligned with the job opportunities before we put you forward for any position. We care about your success in obtaining a position, so whether you are successful in your application or not, we will remain in touch until we find you more relevant job opportunities that lead to a strong successful placement.

Current Positions Available

If you are looking at your future job opportunity, please click below or Chat to us if any positions stand out as a perfect fit that aligns both your skills and career goals.


APSO is the Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisations. They are tasked with the professionalisation of the staffing industry in Southern African. For the past four decades, APSO has set and managed professional standards for the benefit of members, their clients, candidates and employees. All recruitment agencies that are registered as APSO members are compelled by the Code of Ethics & Codes of Professional Practice and are governed by the Institute of Ethics South Africa.

The Codes are in place in order to set universal standards with the aim of assuring that professionalism amongst its members is maintained. The Codes offer assistance on matters regarding legal agreements, professional practice and the minimum service levels that should be so given by APSO members to their clients as well as candidates.